Don’t let the cute face fool you. This 5 year old has super powers. From climbing tall stools into the candy shelf to providing dance moves like a seasoned veteran. Sofia is half the power of the wonder twins with her best girl, Abbie. The two of them were and continue to be an inspiration to our company name and client services. 

Abbie of Sofia + Abbie


We love dogs. Abbie as sweet a canine there ever was. Playful yet skittish, sofia and abbie are two peas in a pod. Both love chicken and playing in the backyard. Together they are super sweet and super troublemakers and both remain the core of our business inspiration. Sadly, we lost Abbie in 2014 but she remains “our best girl”.

Beagle Freedom Project - Buddy


Buddy who we recently rescued, fostered and adopted out to a loving family. Sofia + Abbie supports, in honor of abbie, the Beagle Freedom Project. It is a worldwide effort in rescuing Beagles who are unfortunately used for laboratory experiments. Supporting them would be wonderful but please note that if you visit their website there may be some uncomfortable information about the truth of what Beagles go through in Laboratory testing. View Beagle Freedom Project website here.