PHOTO BOOTH STEP N REPEAT When we design your Wedding Step n Repeat, we aint messin around. We can do anything. Include a monogram, wedding date, hashtag or anything else. The backdrop is unlike any other. This is most definitely not the kind which a DJ or Photographer takes a poorly chosen font, throws your name up there and call it a day. They respectively do their job well, we do ours well and we surely do not DJ! The Step/Repeat sets up in less than 30 seconds. We can ship it to your DJ or Photographer if you prefer. It stands 5′ x 8′ and makes for easy moving if you would like to have it in your Cocktail Hour and then Reception. It sets the tone and encourages your friends and family to take tons of photos. Your photographer alone will love that! He/She will have a great time taking candids alongside the Photo Booth or if you prefer not having a Photo Booth and just setting this up to have your photographer take photos!