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Project Description

Tiffany Inspired Wedding Designs

“I have no idea.” was the response Katie provided us. She was marrying her love. She was excited. As far as a “theme” for her Wedding; “I have no idea.” When we meet with couples, far more often than you imagine that is the sentiment they have and what’s the problem with that? Absolutely nothing. Katie and Greg had the theme you really need. Admiration. Love. Respect. She did however elude to liking Tiffany and there ya have it. We took that idea and ran with it. It became one of our more popular designs. Katie and Greg did not need a theme. They already had one. In fact, they had several but we took a moment that Katie mentioned “Tiffany” and wrapped it up into their Invitation.

Monogram | Clutch Wedding Invitation | Wedding Program


“We could not be happier that we used Lorenzo & Sofia + Abbie for our wedding invitations and ceremony cards! I am not very creative so I did not give Lorenzo a detailed description of what I wanted, I left the designing to him. It is almost like he knew what I wanted more than I did! The invitations were beyond amazing and unique. They are truly like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Lorenzo really knows how to create the perfect mix of fun and classy. The ceremony cards were also beautiful and contain pictures of our bridal party – which we are so excited for everyone to see the day of the wedding. Lorenzo was always available & prompt in answering any questions. He even went out of his way to deliver the invitations to me to make sure I got them out on time! We wanted something unique without sacrificing quality, and that is EXACTLY what we got with Lorenzo & Sofia + Abbie. I would HIGHLY recommend him and we are looking forward to using his services for future invitations & other designs!”